Kairos Prayer Movement

New Churches in New Places for New People

The Kairos Prayer Movement

The spiritual currents in our world are often unseen, but they are never not felt. The Kairos staff is convinced that the foundation for opening the hearts and minds of our generations to respond positively to Jesus is the power of God’s Holy Spirit released into their lives through prayer.

In the spring of 2012 the Kairos staff and board gathered for the purpose of developing a plan for Kairos to move forward into the next couple of years. The significant take-away from our time together was not the detailed strategic operation plan, but a moment of confession drawn from Habakkuk 3:2:

“Lord, I have heard of your fame;
I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord.
Repeat them in our day,
in our time make them known…”

We spent time in prayer, in relationship, and in tears as we asked of ourselves two questions: Are we fully relying on and trusting in God to lead this work? Do we believe that he can work mightily today?

We, the Kairos staff and board members, spent the next several months reflecting deeply on our personal faith and our understanding of the efficacy of spiritual empowerment. From this period we have emerged recommitted to the necessity of a national network for intercessory prayer, on behalf of the lost and in anticipation of seeing God’s mighty hand at work.

We are excited and honored to invite a nation to pray for what seems impossible to our human minds: we pray for God to produce a contagious movement of new churches in the United States resulting in the mobilization of our kingdom fellowship for reaching thousands of new people in hundreds of new churches this decade.

Mark Batterson’s recent work on prayer (The Circle Maker, Leadership Network, 2012) challenges us to pray impossible prayers: “If you keep circling it in prayer, God will get bigger until you see your impossible prayer for what it really is: an easy answer for an almighty God.”

We invite you to join this movement as a prayer advocate on behalf of God’s lost people, and we challenge you to wrestle with some of the questions we have been wrestling with. Ask God to address the same question to you that he did to Moses, “Is there a limit to my power?” (Numbers 11:23).

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Father, we live in your will, we confess Jesus is our Lord and your Holy Spirit is our resource. Lift up thousands of people who will pray regularly, clearly, and with conviction for the turning of hearts towards Jesus through the confession of planters, new churches, and new believers across our country. Amen